Absalom (b.1998), originates from the North East of England and is currently studying an MAFA at Central Saint Martins, basing herself in London. She graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2020, with a First Class BaHons in  Painting & Printmaking . The artist also had the opportunity to study Fine Art at the Bezalel Academy of Fine Art and Design, Jerusalem.

Absalom’s practice primarily revolves around an exploration into the relationships between religion, horror and surrealism. Within this exploration she has a deep seated interest in religious dogma, iconography, mysticism and ideas of apocalypse. Absalom’s main focus, research and personal experience is with the Judo-Christo faiths, however she is by fascinated varying examples of ritual and folklore. Aside from narrative tales, she also explores the potential concept of collective thought, in which certain symbols, colours, creatures and bodily gestures invoke shared responses across time and culture.

Within the artist’s practice she re-contextualises Biblical imagery, symbolism and tales by anachronising them into contemporary impressions of dystopia and apocalypse, often blending the sacred and ancient with science-fiction.

In addition to exploring religions impact upon more traditional art forms, Absalom’s investigation expands into a reflection of Judeo-Christian imagery and morality within 20th century German Expressionism, stop-motion and horror. The artist creates her own video work mirroring these aesthetics, exploring the integral relations of the grotesque and suffering within religion. The uncanny is an underlying aspect of Absalom’s practice, and is most evident within her video work. The imagery used can often be unsettling, disturbing and hypnotic in its blending of dream and dogma.

Absalom’s medium of choice is predominantly figurative oil painting with frequent explorations into moving-image video work and relief printmaking.